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Need more information? Browse our most popular categories: has been in the business of reviewing cloud-based software since 2013, in the conviction that the age of the installation disk is well and truly over and the future is online. No matter if you want to download music or start a business, the internet has given us the tools to do so from behind the screen of a laptop, all you need is some kind of connection to the world wide web.

This is where we come in: because it’s the internet, basically anybody can start anything and claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread. We subscribe to services and kick the tires, hard. For the team, customer is king and we make sure you get the royal treatment from any service you may be considering.

To this end, we employ only the best researchers and writers and we take a reader-first, journalistic approach to everything we do. Checking how well services work is only part of the job, we also put together guides on how to make the most of them as well as how to keep yourself safe on the internet.

Currently, we have a team of five editors and seven writers to make sure that we not only put out well-researched pieces, but also make sure that all articles are easy to read and understand. Many of the people we employ we’ve trained ourselves to make sure that our standards are met; feel free to visit our meet the team page for more on this.

As you can imagine, employing such a large team costs a good sum of money and to meet our budget we make use of so-called affiliate links. These are special links we insert in parts of the text (they’re green rather than blue) and clicking on them means that the service you’re going to will pay us a small commission if you decide to make a purchase at no additional cost to you. You can find more information on our how we work page.

We don’t let commissions influence our work, however, and are mainly motivated by our love of technology and the draw of helping people find the best possible solution for their needs. We hope you enjoy reading and that you become a regular visitor.